What To Wear With A Skater Skirt?

skater skirt outfit

Skater skirts are one of the most necessary items that should be in every girl’s wardrobe. They have appeared for years and don’t seem to go out of fashion. They come in different colors, patterns, and styles. Therefore, there are lots of cool ideas when it comes to what to wear with a skater skirt. Dressing up this attire also depends on picking suitable tops and accessories. Here are some ideas for pairing skater skirts to wear on different occasions and seasons. 

Types of skater skirt

Different types of skater skirt
Different types of skater skirt.

A skater skirt, also known as a circle skirt, is a short, high-waisted skirt that comes in an over-the-knee length. It is usually made from lightweight material to ensure the wavy line effects, which imitates figure skaters’ skirts. That’s why it is called skater skirts.

Women of all ages can wear skater skirts. Younger ones tend to opt for shorter skirts. Older ladies, on the other hand, might prefer mid-thigh or knee-length styles. No matter the length and style, you’re bound to look exquisite with a skater skirt. 

How to wear a skater skirt

Skater skirts are very versatile. Therefore, you can style them with different tops, leg-coverages, and shoes, depending on occasions and your personal preference. Here are some tips for dressing a skater skirt that might fit your taste.

What tops to wear with a skater skirt

The most common and preferred tops to style with a skater skirt are:

  • Crop tops: Crop tops with skater skirts are considered the best combination. Because this skirt type comes in a high-waisted style, making it well paired with a crop top that is not too revealing.
  • Form-fitting t-shirts: These shirts can highlight and flatter your figure
  • V-necks shirts: This style can pronounce your curves by focusing on your midline
  • Scoop-neck shirts: Suitable for girls with hour-glass figures
Black crop top and skater skirt
The combination of black crop top and skater skirt creates an active look.

Choosing what top to wear with your skater skirt is highly dependent on your skirt and top’s length. Crop tops are easy to pair with and suitable for almost all figures. However, the shirts are more slightly picky. Here are some tips for choosing shirts that go with skater skirts.

  • Always compare how the shirt looks when tucked in or untucked
  • Button-down shirts are not still necessary to be tucked in
  • Consider wearing outer garments such as denim, jacket, blazer, etc. over the shirt if it looks weird

Besides, try to avoid off-the-shoulder-tops or long camisoles. These tops can make your outfit look imbalanced. 

Picking patterns and colors tips

Pay attention to the patterns and colors when dressing your skater skirt too. For example, a floral skirt should go with a solid top to avoid flashy looks. If you are a minimalism lover, you can consider a monochromatic style. The best outfit will have no patterns with colors that are neither too dark nor bright. 

Makeup and accessories matter too

These two factors affect a lot on your look. Even when you dress up, choosing the wrong makeup style can make you look ridiculous. Bright can plain outfits should go with simple accessories and light makeup. This style will accentuate your elegance. In contrast, if you want to look cool, go for bold makeup and jewelry if you wear neutral-colored clothes. 

What leggings to wear with a skater skirt

Leggings to wear with skater skirts
Leggings to wear with skater skirts.

If you are the kind of girl who doesn’t like to show off your legs, leggings will be a perfect match for you. Tights are also a great option which keeps you warm during winter. Black legwear is the most common color to style with skater skirts. 

In case you prefer a sexy look, a pair of fishnet pantihose paired with nude-toned ankle boots will make you more attractive. 

What shoes to wear with a skater skirt

Wearing a skater skirt can create a focal point for your legs and waist. So, choosing shoes to wear with a skater skirt means a lot to your appearance. Shoes that can reveal your legs are considered the best option to style with skater skirts. 


Boots are considered to be match skater skirts or other mini, short skirts. They look great when paired with leggings. You can choose any booth styles to layer with your skirt as long as it doesn’t contrast your look. 

  • Ankle, lace-up boots: styled well with patterned skater skirts 
  • Combat boots: suitable for girls who love the tough look
  • Over-the-knee boots: look fabulous when paired with a short skirt that leaves some space between the hemline and the skirt’s top
Over-the-knee-boots and skater skirt
Over-the-knee-boots and skater skirt creates a charming look.

Another tip to choose boots to wear with your skater shirt is based on your height. Slim and tall girls look beautiful in almost any boot type, while flatform boots will flatter shorter ladies. 


Sneakers are another great choice to pair with skirt skater outfits, no matter your skirt’s style. 

  • White sneakers: suitable for almost any combination of pattern or colors
  • High-top converses: ideal for long, slim leg girls because they make your legs seems to be thicker
  • Low-top sneakers: can make short leg ladies look a bit longer
Low-top sneaker and skater skirt
Low-top converse shoes are a perfect match with a black skater skirt.


If you have a modest height, heels are a perfect option. They look gorgeous on many occasions. If you are going out for a dinner or party, opt for lace-up heels. Spiked pumps might be more suitable for casual events or clubs.


Wearing your skater skirt with flat shoes makes your casual outfit more fabulous, especially during hot days. Flat or strappy sandals will make your feet more ventilated while keeping elegance. If you want to look taller, opt for pointy-toe footwear.

Skater skirt outfits ideas

Skater skirts are easy to pair with different clothing styles. Here are some ideas for styling your outfits with these beautiful skirts.

Black skater skirt outfits

Black skater skirt outfit ideas
From head to toe black skater skirt outfit.

Black skater skirts can be easily paired with any top or legging’s colors. However, brighter colors tend to be the best option because they can pronounce your look. Layer your black skirt with a white untucked shirt and a blazer over it. You can dress up according to this style for work or school as long as your skirt is not too short. 

Dressing black from head to toe is actually acceptable in some situations. But you should have at least one item with different colors, bright colors are the best, to accentuate your outfit. For example, a colorful handbag is enough to pronounce your attire. 

Red skater skirt outfits

Red skater skirt outfit ideas
Red skater skirt outfit ideas for Christmas and winter days.

Like black skater skirts, red ones will make you look best when paired with bright and opposite colors. For instance, if you want to layer your skirt with a t-shirt, go for a white one. This creates a graceful look and is suitable for various occasions. For sweater tops, models with opposite hues like black will pronounce your outfit. You can opt for a black and white striped sweater that will bring a refreshing and stylish appearance to a casual suit. 

Cute outfits with skater skirts

Floral skater skirt makes you look cute
Floral skater skirt makes you look cute.

If you prefer a casual and cute look, try patterned skirts instead of plain ones. For example, a white short-sleeved shirt tucked in a dotted red skater skirt will flatter your sweetness and cuteness. 

A short black skater skirt can still look cute if you pair it with an adorable printed top. Let’s say a Mickey Mouse or Pooh short-sleeved shirt. Flat shoes are great for this lovely style too. 

Styling skater skirts for summer

Striped shirt and white skater skirt
Striped shirt and white skater skirt makes summer cooler.

Lightweight and bright-colored tops can keep hot away in summer. Tone sur tone accessories is a great idea to make your summer outfit look refreshing. For example, if you wear a navy blue skirt, then opt for the top with blue or green nuance. 

Alternatively, an oversized white short-sleeved shirt untucked over a black pleated or circle skater skirt will suit the care-free style. However, only consider this type if you have a slender figure. Otherwise, you might look chubby. 

If you prefer a casual and sophisticated look, you can go for skirts made from a flowy fabric in red or pink shades. Gold-colored accessories will add to the attire’s exquisiteness. 

Styling skater skirt for winter

Casual skater skirt outfit ideas for winter
Casual skater skirt outfit ideas for winter.

If you don’t attach importance to fashion, the combination of a sweater and a skater skirt will be the best option to go for. If the weather is not too cold, dress in a red knit turtleneck with an over-the-knee skater skirt. This creates a casual while still edgy look. Finish with pointy-toe leather pumps will absolutely class up the suit. You can leave the top tucked in or untucked, depending on the thickness of the sweater. 

If the weather is a bit cold, you can layer a short-sleeved black shirt tucked in a black skater skirt. Cover it with a biker jacket and over-the-knee suede boots will create a simple yet chic look.

I hope that with those ideas, what to wear with a skater skirt doesn’t matter to you anymore. The best outfit is the one that fits your figure and suits the event too. If you have to go to a party, have a theme in your mind first, then choose skater skirts, tops, and accessories suitable for that theme. 

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