What To Wear To A Music Festival For Guys

what to wear to a music festival for guys

A summer won’t feel complete without a dynamic music festival. The excitement, blasting music and energy from the crowd will definitely blow you away. But there’s another reason why people go to these events – to show off their summer fashion and unique styles. There are many inspirations for girls’ outfits, but what about guys? Let’s check out Vintagemamascottage’s recommended list of what to wear to a music festival for guys.

Music festivals are the best chances for you to show off your fashion sense. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself, or you’ll turn out looking too much. You want to enjoy the best time at the festival as well, so comfort should also be prioritized.

Before we get to men’s festival clothing ideas, let’s first take a look at a few tips and tricks on how to dress up for these occasions.

Music Festival Outfits For Guys: What You Should Notice

The location and weather will certainly vary between music festivals, and you would want to dress accordingly. However, there are a few things in common that you can pay attention to when choosing what to wear:

The crowd

Of course, you’re not the only one who plans to attend the biggest events of the summer. A lot of people will be interested in rocking their heart out to the music as well. Depending on the popularity of the performers, the crowd can become very wild.

With others pushing and bumping into you all the time, you want to avoid getting injured. Thus, simple clothing without too much extra accessories will be the best choice. Moreover, choose sturdy shoes that will keep you stable on the ground so not to stumble easily.

The weather

It might be hot when you first arrive at the venue or when you start jamming to the music. However, when the night falls, it’ll be a different story.

Most festivals are held outdoors, so the drop of temperature is unavoidable. It’s best to prepare a light jacket just in case you feel a little chilly.

In addition, don’t hesitate to check for any chance of rain. The organizer will surely prepare for the situation, but nothing beats being ready for all circumstances.

The comfort

When you attend a musical event, be prepared to move around a lot. Since you’ll mostly have to walk everywhere, not to mention dancing and raving, you’d definitely want to wear clothes that are comfortable.

Choose fabrics that are airy and flexible such as cotton and linen. They will keep you dry and mobile throughout the festival. Don’t choose fashion over feel – some items are super trendy, but they are not suitable for events that require you to move this much.

At the same time, picking the right shoes and accessories is also essential. You’d want to wear your soft and relaxing shoes, as well as reduce the amount of complicated accessories to the minimum. 

Best Festival Shoes For Guys

Like we previously mentioned, it’s essential to choose shoes that are comfortable yet strong and stable. You want a pair that won’t hurt your foot when you walk and dance, but won’t slip easily either. Not to mention, shoes can be great fashion accessories for your trendy festival outfits.

what to wear to a music festival for guys

A pair of sneakers or trainers will be your safest bet. There are plenty of styles and colors to mix and match with your outfit, and they meet with all the criteria of good music festival shoes. You’ll feel the most relaxed while wearing these types of shoes.

Another option is leather combat boots. They might be a little heavier and chunkier than the sneakers, but we can’t deny the fashionable look they bring. New leather shoes can be quite stiff on your feet. Therefore, choose a pair that has been broken into and soft enough for you to enjoy the festival to the fullest.

what to wear to a music festival for guys

Finally, since you’re attending an event that’s already so vivid, why not rock a pair that will catch everyone’s attention? There are shoes equipped with LED lights that lights up with your movement. In addition, colorful shoes will also make you stand out from the crowd. This is a great chance for you to step out of your shoes comfort zone.

What To Wear To A Music Festival For Guys: Ideas And Inspos

Let’s check out some of our recommendations for what to wear to a music festival for guys. We hope you can take inspiration from these suggestions as well.

A stylish yet light and airy shirt will be the perfect choice for the occasion. How about going for a colorful Hawaiian shirt?

what to wear to a music festival for guys

Tank tops are always the first to come to mind when we mention festival clothing.

what to wear to a music festival for guys

Your outfit will turn out even more amazing with accessories like necklaces and bandanas.

Flannel shirts are kind of a music-lover staple – they’ll surely help you look effortlessly fashionable. Try tying it around your waist as well.

For summer festivals, you can definitely rock any shorts you love.

But jeans also work wonderfully well, especially denim jackets.

Finally, make sure that you bring a backpack to carry all the necessities to have fun.

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