Viking Beard Styles – How To Grow And Style

It may come as a surprise to you, but Viking beard styles are among the most popular trends at the moment. If you have watched the HBO’s series “Vikings”, you may understand why.

During Norse times, Vikings’ beards have the main purpose of keeping men warm in the freezing weather. Now, these bushy and savage beards make significant preferences for any guy who wants to look tough. Who doesn’t want to adopt the facial hair of fierce warriors?

If you google “Viking beard”, you will see a range of styles suggested for you. Whether it is a long straight or braided Viking beard, you will have to spend time styling and taking good care to maintain it.

Should you wonder “Which style can I go for?” or “How do I even start growing my beard?”, no worries as we have got everything covered. In this article, we will share with you tips on how to grow a Viking beard and keep its best shape.

10 best Viking beard styles for men

Depending on your face shape and beard length, there are different styles possible for anyone. To inspire you, here are the 10 most popular Viking beard styles that we have gathered:

  1. Bare Viking Look
Bare Viking Look

2. Smart Viking Look

Smart Viking Look

3. Tapered V

Tapered V

4. Intense Viking Bearded Look

Intense Viking Bearded Look

5. Bushy Viking Bearded Look

Bushy Viking Bearded Look

6. Single Braid Beard

Single Braid Beard

7. Beard Pony

Beard Pony

8. Double Braided Beard Look

Double Braided Beard Look

9. Long-Bearded Look

10. Medium Beard

How to grow a Viking beard

For most men who never have long facial hair, it is really hard to grow it in the way they want. So, if you’d love to start growing your beard and try some of the Viking beard styles, follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Pick a beard style

Before growing a Viking beard, choose a style that suits both your likings and the shape of your face. Also, consider the time and effort you can put into maintaining it because some styles are more complex than others

2. Be patient

To achieve the desired length and quality for Viking beard braid styles, you need to be patient during the process. A typical Viking beard needs months to grow, however, don’t worry too much since there are ways to help it grow faster, such as having the beard trimmed constantly.
Also, keeping your beard moisturized is a must. In the early stage of facial hair growth, applying a beard balm every day will prevent your skin from drying and itching. Your beard is allowed to grow more easily as well.

3. Keep your beard clean

Just like growing long hair, a dirty beard is easier to be damaged and harms the skin. So, make sure you wash your beard often with good-quality shampoo and conditioners. There are lots of beard specific products on the market, have a try to see which fits yours best.

4. Comb your beard often

As soon as your beard gets longer and thicker, it’s time you use a beard comb. This is a good tip on how to shape your long beard since it helps direct hair where to grow and removes broken hair strands.

5. Stay hydrated and eat properly

Drinking a proper amount of water and eating a proper diet are the basic requirements to have good health. When you are healthy, your beard will grow healthily. Food that is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 like fish, nuts and seeds, plant oils, etc. can also boost your beard growth.

How to braid your beard like a Viking

A braided beard is the signature look seen in many Viking beard styles. So, how to braid a short beard or long one like a true Viking? It is easier than you think, as long as the approximate length of your beard is about two inches and more.

If yours meet the minimum requirement, a braided Viking beard can be done following these steps:

1. Have the beard separated into three sections:

Hold the beard part you want to braid and separate it into three equal sections. Keep in mind that there might be tangles and knots in your beard, so use a beard comb for easier hair separation.

2. Start braiding

When you have had three hair sections divided and situated parallel to each other, take the one on the far right, place it over the middle section, and settle it into the middle. After that, do the same with the far left section, put it in the middle of the newly created cross.

3. Repeat the process

Take turns alternating the sections into the middle position until you feel that this braid length is enough. Don’t make it too tight since you may break the hair of your beard. You can also braid your hair with colorful strings for a more lively look.

4. Finish the braid

When done, apply a considerable amount of hair to the bottom of the braid. If you don’t like this method, use ties, beads, rings, or anything to keep your braid in place. And that is how you have a braided beard as Vikings do.

After looking at the popular Viking beard styles, reading tips on how to grow a Viking beard, and braid them in a true Norsemen way, we hope you are ready to take on this new styling journey. Ask your friends to join you, it will be fun comparing and sharing beard care tips!

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