Reinvent Your Look In 8 Easy Ways

reinvent your look

Have you ever set a resolution to become a better, prettier person in the upcoming year, but never got round to completing the goal? You’ll make excuses that you were busy, that you can change yourself whenever you want. But do you know that sometimes it only takes little to no effort to reinvent your look?

If that story sounds familiar to you, then you need to reconsider in what way you want to change yourself. Do you want to shed off a few pounds, or just want to spice up your old look? Most of the time, revamping your style is easier than you think. However, it’s the fear of change that’s been stopping you from doing so.

With this post from Vintagemamascottage, we hope to bring you some quick, easy method to come out of old habits and upgrade your look. Let’s check them out!

Before Trying To Reinvent Your Look

Find what inspires you to reinvent your look

Having inspiration means you’re more motivated to work towards that goal. There are plenty of pretty people with pretty styles all over the internet. All you have to do is pick one that suits your taste.

It doesn’t have to be too over-the-top – you aren’t forced to look like a supermodel. What’s important is that you know what you’re striving for. It can simply be just surprising people you haven’t met for a while, or being able to try a new type of clothes you like.

Save the money for your big transformation

Well, changes mean you have to buy more things. It also means that you should not buy anything that you’re unsure of since they’re new. Add them to your bookmark and check back later to see you’re ready for the change or not.

Switch out what you don’t intend to keep

If you want a more serious approach to reinventing your style completely, then take out anything that you want to move on from. You can either give them to someone else or donate the old clothes. This will give you a strong push, and tell you that you need to change right this moment.

How To Reinvent Your Look: 8 Easy Ways You Can Try

1.      Add more accessories

If you used to dress up in a simple, subtle way, why not spice up your look with some trendy accessories? Jewelries like a small necklace, drop earrings or a small enamel pin can make a big change to your overall style.

reinvent your look

Not only jewelries but other additions such as a headband, bandana or belt will upgrade your outfit effortlessly. You can check out different ways to work these items into what you wear daily. Soon, you’ll find that they have become essential to your look.

2.      Design and customize your own clothes

This doesn’t mean you have to do every part of creating a new piece of clothing. Personalizing your clothes is one of the best ways to add a fresh touch to your usual style. Why not get a custom printed Hawaiian shirt with a unique pattern just for yourself? Or add some embroideries on your plain T-shirt? The possibilities are endless!

3.      Do simple exercise in your free time

You may not be able to become a supermodel, but who can stop you from achieving a healthier figure? If going to the gym is too much for you, there are always plenty of workouts you can easily do at home. Even if it’s just 10 minutes a day, consistency will surely show positive progress. Together with a healthier diet, you’ll get close to your dream body in no time.

4.      Switch to a new brand

Another way to reinvent your look is to change the brand of clothes you wear.

If you have been buying clothes from the same brand since forever, it’s time for you to change it up. Stop getting the exact T-shirt but in different colors from that one store. If you have a bit of savings, how about trying brands that are more on the expensive side? The way your outfit turns out will definitely surprise you.

5.      Reinvent your look by changing your hair

A change in hairstyle is the easiest to notice when it comes to ways to reinvent your look. If you have long hair, how about tying it up high instead of letting it down all the time? You can try curling or straightening it for a change.

With short hair, a new hairdo would have the same effect. And if you really want to go for a big transformation, dye it a different color!

6.      Alter your makeup style

The way you do your makeup also affects how you appear in front of others. If you usually go for smoky eyes, switch for pink eyeshadow for a change. At the same time, if you don’t regularly wear make-up, then a full-face will surely revamp your whole look.

7.      Add new colors to your closet

It’s a fact that everyone has a color they dislike, or is afraid to try. However, unless that color really doesn’t suit your skin tone, then why not go for it? You might or might not like the final look, but it’s definitely a great change in your style.

8.      Upgrade your skincare routine

If you have been hoping to change your skin’s condition for a while, then now it’s the best time to get to it. To get the best products and advice for your skin, we suggest that you consult with a dermatologist.

reinvent your look

However, if you are currently satisfied with how your skin looks, don’t hesitate to add some face masks or essence to make your skin glow even more.

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