How To Wear Skinny Jeans For Bigger Guys

As you may know, there are various types of jeans on the market, but skinny jeans are still more preferred by both men and women. Having said that, these jeans are not ideal for everyone, especially big guys. Thus, Vintagemamascottage is happy to provide you with a detailed guide on how to wear skinny jeans for bigger guys, from choosing models, colors, materials, to pairing with the tops. Let’s get rolling!

Best skinny jeans for bigger guys

When it comes to choosing the best skinny jeans for fat guys, models with a high waist seem to be more popular and suitable. This style can help you flatten your big stomach and avoid unattractive protuberances. 

However, this appearance doesn’t fit all people. So, if you don’t like this style, or don’t feel comfortable when dressing up this way, you are not necessarily wearing it.

skinny jeans for bigger guys

Alternatively, low-rise models are another worth-considering option. This combination can bring the look that you’ve expected while still having enough room to prevent unwanted bulges. Just be sure that you select the size fitting your figure.

And the best way to know if the size is right for you is by trying the jeans on. Regardless of your fatness, the model should snugly fit your legs while providing enough room for you to bend your knee and sit comfortably. 

Worst skinny jeans for bigger guys

If you’re a big guy, try to avoid skinny jeans that are too close to your waist. The reason is that they can create a stomach protuberance above the waistband. So, they are not the best jeans for big guys. 

However, if you have a great pair of jeans for big thighs that look great on your legs but it still has a relative stomach bulge, you can try to pair them with a long t-shirt. The length of the top can help you cover the waistband, “hiding” the protuberance around your stomach. What’s more, it still gives you a casual look. 

skinny jeans for bigger guys

Besides the waist’s pants, you should also pay attention to the fit. As mentioned above, comfortable skinny jeans for big thighs are the ones that perfectly fit your legs while neither too tight nor too loose. In addition, make sure the length is suitable for you because the tight fabric can ruin the overall look of the skinny jeans. In case you are into your too long model, you can try pulling the crotch area. 

Skinny jeans styles for big guys

Basically, there are two types of skinny jeans, including standard models and spray-on ones. The previous models are popular and easy to wear for most big guys and ideal for a casual outfit. The second ones bring a refreshing, unique style.  

Standard styles

Standard skinny jeans are suitable for all types of big guys, no matter how tall or toned you are. As the name suggests, these jeans come in a simple design and easy to pair with other items. So if you are not good at styling, or just don’t know what to wear with skinny jeans, you can choose standard skinny jeans. 

These skinny jeans are snuggly fit, but they are not too tight. Therefore, you don’t need to worry if they make your legs look bigger or emphasize your curves. Nevertheless, if your calves are big, these jeans are not for you. If so, you can try straight-leg or slim fit jeans for big guys. These styles give you the same look as standard models, but they might be better fitted. 

Spray-on styles

If you are a guy who usually goes to gyms, squats will make your legs bigger and more muscular than normal guys. So, if this is the case, spray-on skinny jeans will be a perfect option for you. You will be particularly flattering in this model. 

Since these jeans come in an ultra-slim appearance, they can highlight your legs’ toned curve. You can layer the jeans with a relatively loose shirt. Don’t forget to try them on to make sure you feel comfy when walking, squatting, or sitting. 

You also need to remember that if you have big legs but not brawny, don’t wear these spray-on skinny jeans. Even if they are perfectly fit for you, they only look good on you if you have toned legs; otherwise, it might draw other people’s attention to your untoned areas. 

Skinny jeans material and color

Design is also an important part when it comes to skinny jeans for fat guys. So, once you find the model that fits you most, it’s time to consider the material and color.

Skinny jeans with dark colors are probably the most suitable hue for big guys. When wearing models with dark hues, such as black or indigo blue, you will look more slender. Try to avoid light shades because they will point out the lower part of your body, making you look unbalanced. 

In terms of fabric, thick material can make you hot and perspire. So, avoid these types of materials. Alternatively, you can choose thinner skinny jeans, but not too flimsy. 

How to pair skinny jeans for big dudes

Once you find the ideal jeans model, all you need to do is pairing them in a suitable way. Men wearing skinny jeans suitable for their style and accentuate their body will absolutely create an impressive appearance. 

If you are about to style your skinny jeans with a t-shirt, consider its length. Make sure it is long enough to cover the waistband, making you look slimmer and can hide your stomach protuberance. 

Besides the length, you should also pay attention to the color and material of the top. In general, dark colors seem to be more flattering than bright ones. They can make you look smaller than you are. The same applies to other accessories, such as the tie, wallet, etc.

To sum up, I’ll list some of the most important things to consider when choosing skinny jeans for bigger guys as follows.

  • Make sure the skinny jeans snugly fit, neither too loose nor too tight
  • Prefer high-waist models rather than low-rise ones
  • Choose a dark and lightweight denim design for a balanced look
  • Opt for skinny jeans and tops with dark colors rather than bright and light ones

Hope you enjoy this article and find perfect skinny jeans suitable for your style.

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