How To Wear Red Pants? A Guide To Ultimate Stylish Look

How to wear red pants? It also necessitates an understanding of style and color. Wearing red pants can be so bold and incredibly fashionable. They are ideal for anyone who enjoys standing out and looking excellent. But it takes more than confidence to pull off a pair of ruby-hued trousers.  

Thankfully, we can assist you in gaining that expertise. Here are some red pants outfits ideas to get you inspired for your next look.

What color shirt goes with red pants?

When wearing red trousers, it’s better to stay away from anything too fiery because the color is already so brilliant. Because the red pants are already striking, consider matching them with a more subdued-colored top. There are a few other color possibilities for shirts you can refer to: 

  • Black
  • White
  • Light blue
  • Navy blue
  • Gray
  • Beige

Tips to choose red pants outfits ideas

What matches with red pants? Here are some easy guidelines for wearing or buying red pants:

  • Do not use red accessories, as it appears to be overdone, but opt for gold, silver, rose gold or white embellishments.
  • Also in neutral colors, red pants work nicely.
  • No use of red pants with vivid-colored tops such as orange colors.
  • Red pants themselves are attractive enough, make your rest simple.
  • Recall that the red jeans for casual wear are the best.
  • Layering might nonetheless allow you to make a more formal look with your red pants.
  • The shoes with red pants you select to wear rely on two factors, the top you wear and the occasion for which you wear.

How to wear red pants?

Red pants outfits for both men and women


The easiest approach to creating an endless stylish casual look is to wear t-shirts. During the summer days, match your gorgeous red pants with any type of t-shirt that matches your needs.

Whether you choose jeans, chinos or track pants, a t-shirt will match them all. The recommended color for the top is white, black, and any neutral-toned one. You can also pair your red pants with a black and white striped shirt.

For the first wearer, let’s pick a tee in white and red pants combo.


If t-shirts make a casual look during hot summer days, a sweater will take charge of it in winter. 

A sweater would look great with red pants, keeping you warm while also guaranteeing that you appear stylish.

Classic shirts 

Red pants may work for sophisticated casual ensembles surprisingly well. These pants can impress without any decorations or other accessories because of their bright tone. 

As such, you can style them fast and effortlessly with classic shirts. You can choose a solid-colored one or a checked one.  

Start with choosing a pair of red pants. Then add a shirt and traditional shoes like loafers to complete the look.

Denim jacket 

How to wear red pants for a layering look? A denim jacket is exactly what you are looking for now.  Whether it is summer or winter, your closet cannot lack it . It’s especially ideal for layering in the autumn, whether worn alone or beneath a heavier coat.

It’s adaptable and can be worn with practically any outfit, and no exception for red pants. The combination of a blue denim jacket and red pants can quickly make one appear cooler and kick-ass.

Leather jacket 

Black leather jackets go with everything, but you can add a trendy twist to your style by wearing a brown, pastel, or any other colored jacket with your red pants. 


A blazer in black, white, or any other neutral color can go with red pants for a powerful appearance. This is the ideal business outfit, as it is both trendy and classy.

Red pants outfits for women


This combo of matching trousers and crop top is one that you must attempt. It suits the party, but not in an overwhelming way. This appearance may be achieved without the use of any accessories. 

Blouse shirt

Girls looking for cute outfits with red pants? This is your answer.

Blouse shirts are a great match for your summer red jeans. This costume brings a lot of fun to wear and looks adorable.

Tank Top

The high-rise red trousers look great with a basic black or white tank top. It is one of popular style in red pants outfits for women. For a sporty look, you can switch to red checkered pants instead.

Red pants outfits for men


A basic yet sleek neutral hue bomber with mens red pants is one of the most fashionable appearances. One more casual suggestion is to pick a casual shirt to mix with. 


This off-duty outfit of a polo shirt and red bottom match together easily, allowing you to save time to think about how to wear red pants

Skinny red jeans will help you complete this look. If you are a big guy and want to look great in skinny jeans, click here to learn more.

To amp up this stylish combo, wear a pair of black suede loafers.

Could you decide what matches with red pants? Regardless of who wears them, we are sure that you all can slay the look with red pants.

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