How To Wear A Poncho Sweater: 5+ Outfit Ideas

How to wear a poncho sweater

You find it hard to pair the top and bottom with a poncho. In fact, there are various ways to wear a poncho, from cute poncho outfits to sexy ones. Here are some cool tips on how to wear a poncho while staying elegant and warm this fall and winter. 

Poncho sweater over shirt

Striped long-sleeved shirt underneath style
Striped long-sleeved shirt underneath style creates a great poncho style.

Don’t know how to wear a poncho sweater? The most common choice is wearing a sweater or a long-sleeve shirt underneath the poncho. You can combine it with blue or navy skinny jeans. A pair of grey or brown suede ankle-high boots will make this outfit more stylish. 

Poncho sweater over a collared shirt

A collared t-shirt underneath for a more elegant look
A poncho over a collared t-shirt for a more elegant look.

This elegant appearance is ideal for office girls. Pairing a grey poncho over a collared blue shirt and skinny blue jeans will create a chic outfit. If you want to add a professional look to the outfit, a black pair of high heels would be the best.

Another suggestion if you have a tan poncho. The black of ankle boots and skinny jeans will add freshness to office days. 

Poncho sweater with a dress

Style a poncho with a dress creating a refreshing appearance
Style a poncho with a dress creating a refreshing appearance.

If you want to refresh your wardrobe or just simply want to change your style, why not try layering a poncho over a dress. Also, remember that the dress should be no longer than your knee to easily pair with over-the-knee boots. In addition, if you are wondering how to wear a poncho shawl, this great combination is a suggestion for you.

Poncho with legging

A poncho paired with leggings for a warmer and chicer style
A poncho paired with leggings for a warmer and chicer style.

Leggings will be a perfect bottom to pair with a poncho if your poncho is long enough, let’s say cover the hip. This combination will make you look more elegant and chic. Depending on weather conditions, you can wear ankle lace-up boots, or even high-heeled boots for added warmth. 

Poncho with over the knee boots

A poncho with over the knee boots

Want your outfit to look more sexy, modern with your poncho? You can try to wear it as a short dress and show off some leg. A pair of ankle-high or thigh-high boots will bring fashion to you.

Poncho with ripped jeans

Style a poncho with ripped jeans makes you look more active
Style a poncho with ripped jeans makes you look more active.

This cool combination will create a new look for your day-to-day outfit. Layer the poncho with skinny ripped jeans. Don’t forget to add a pair of thin sandals. Otherwise, you can wear ripped black jeans with suede black ankle-high boots to dial up the look of this style.

Poncho sweater with a waist belt 

Pairing a poncho with a waist belt for a new refreshing look
Pairing a poncho with a waist belt for a new refreshing look.

If those above poncho styles can’t satisfy you, or simply you don’t like the oversized shape of the poncho, try this new combination. A belt will accentuate your hourglass waist. 

Firstly, style a white t-shirt top with a poncho and team it with a black leather belt. Then pair the top with black skinny jeans and flat pumps. Don’t forget to add sunglasses to create a chic outfit. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the point of a poncho?

A poncho is a piece of wooden clothing that was originally worn in South America. Usually, it doesn’t have sleeves and comes in a slit in the middle for the head. Besides, there is a type of waterproof poncho which is worn as a raincoat.

What to wear under a poncho?

There are different ways to wear a poncho. When it comes to undergarments, the most popular option is t-shirts, neither long sleeves nor short-sleeves. Even the collared t-shirt or sweater is still a great combination. 

Can you wear a poncho indoors?

Of course, you can. You can wear a cape or poncho, both outdoors and indoors. There are various types of ponchos. Therefore, a lightweight poncho is enough with the indoor temperature. Also, it makes your casual stay-at-home outfits more diverse.  

What is the difference between a poncho and a serape?

Poncho is a type of simple garment with a slit in the middle for the head and is usually worn as an outer garment. On the other hand, serape is a kind of blanket and people, particularly Spanish-Americans, wear it as a cloak.

Can you wear ponchos in the summer?

Yes. A see-through poncho over a light crop top and teamed with a white maxi skirt or skater skirt will add to awesomeness during hot days. Additionally, you can layer a poncho with frayed denim jeans and sandals. This makes you look so cool. 

Can you wear ponchos in winter?

Sweater ponchos are great to wear on cold days. The best combination is layering the poncho over a long-sleeved shirt, and styled with skinny jeans and high-heel boots. 

Wrap up

These are some of the coolest ponchos outfit ideas. It can be said that they are among the most common and chic combinations. Having said that, you can still sort out your wardrobe and find out items that match your style.

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