Crop Top And Maxi Skirts: Best 7 Outfit Ideas

crop top and maxi skirts

Maxi skirts are items which are almost indispensable in every girl’s wardrobe. It is not just because they look beautiful, but they are also versatile. That means you can easily mix them with any top. And one of the coolest ways to create great outfits is styling crop top and maxi skirts.

However, not all the tops are ideal for pairing with maxi skirts. What’s more, choosing a suitable crop top hugely depends on specific occasions. So, in this article, Vintagemamascottage will give you 7 outfit ideas on tops to wear with maxi skirts for different events.

Look #1 – For birthday parties: A white crop top and a long pleated maxi skirt

If you are wondering what shirt to wear with a maxi skirt for your friend’s birthday party, consider this look. You can try pairing a white tie crop top with a red flared pleated maxi skirt. This combination will be more suitable for tall and slim girls to show off their collarbone. 

crop top and maxi skirts

If you prefer crop tops that don’t reveal your collarbone, you can team your skirt with a twist front crop top. This kind of top allows you to pronounce your curves sophisticatedly. This chic style is great for your friend’s wedding.

Look #2 – For events or gala evenings: A lace crop top and a floor-sweeping maxi skirt

A black lace crop top kicks up the glamour, while the mermaid shape of the floor-sweeping maxi skirt will jazz up your hourglass figure. A pair of pointy-toe black leather heels will make you look more classy and also add some inches to your height. This charming combination is ideal for a gala evening. You will not clash with anyone at the event. 

crop top and maxi skirts

Look #3 – For Bohemian appearance: A denim crop top and a maxi skirt

Anyone who loves the Boho style can try this combination of crop top and maxi skirts. A classic white maxi skirt paired with a solid blue denim crop top brings a bohemian vibe. 

You can also mix a white camisole top and a flowing floral maxi skirt to create a gorgeous bohemian look. But remember that floral print should be small, which is exactly what Boho style looks like. Finishing this outfit with flat sandals, and don’t forget to add some beaded bracelets. The simple but delicate combination for beach parties. 

Look #4 – For a sexy look: A ruffle or off-the-shoulder crop top and a thigh-high split skirt

The focal point of this outfit is the skirt. And a thigh-high split maxi skirt will accentuate your beautiful leg while not revealing too much. A solid-colored ruffle crop top will be the best option. Since this kind of top is flattering, you should pair it with a simple black thigh-high split skirt. 

If you are going to take part in an important event, wear glitter heels to kick up your glam. If it is just a normal occasion, a pair of strappy sandals is enough. 

Look #5 – For music festival: A crop top and a tulle maxi skirt

Tulle fabric is a kind of lightweight, fine, and stiff netting. The combination of the tulle maxi skirt and a twist front crop top will make you outstanding in your university’s music festival. Even a simple, classic crop top is enough to make other schoolboys fall in your charm.

Look #6 – For dates: A tight crop top and a wrap skirt

Wrap maxi skirts are usually made from soft, lightweight, like satin, and bring a gorgeous look. They are easy to wear and mix-and-match. A floral wrap maxi skirt paired with a ton-sur-ton open-shoulder crop top creates a feminine, flattering appearance for your first date. 

Another option for your lunch or evening date is a combination of a pink wrap maxi skirt and a white cross wrap crop top. This style is simple but definitely pronounces your charm and velvetiness. There is no need for glitter heels. Just flat strappy sandals are enough.

You can add some accessories, such as a pair of delicate earrings or a gorgeous wristwatch. Also, a simple silver necklace will accentuate your pretty collarbone. 

Look #7 – For various occasions: A crop top and a classic black maxi skirt

If you don’t take fashion too seriously, or just because you don’t know how to mix long skirts and crop tops, pick a classic black maxi skirt first. Black maxis are not only fashionable, but they are also versatile to wear on almost all occasions. 

Depending on events, you can choose a suitable crop top to pair with the black maxi skirt. For casual outfits and those who love minimalism, a black crop top would be the best choice. Style with white low top sneakers will make you look more active. 

What shirt to wear with a maxi skirt depends on the event you are going to join. Besides, a great maxi skirt and crop top outfit is the one that fits you. It seems that crop top and long skirts are a perfect match for various occasions. I hope the 7 ideas above inspire you to mix a suitable outfit with your style. 

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