11 Styles to Rock With Boy Outfits For School

No matter how many new clothes you want to buy, there’s always room reserved for school boy outfits in your wardrobe. Every teen guy will enjoy a long winter break before the next semester starts, so why not take advantage of it to brainstorm amazing styles of boy outfits for school?

Needless to say that school boy outfits prioritize comfort and style over a sleek and professional look, unlike an adult’s business casual attire. As a matter of fact, a simple outfit for school is among the best options to adopt, which isn’t necessarily associated with reputable brands and elaborate accessories. Therefore, we have come up with a whole host of ideas for school boy fashion, including both minimalistic and chic styles, for you to embrace.

High School Boy Outfits: Fundamental Rules

Whether you are a high school student or a senior undergraduate, the essential rules of back to school outfits for boys remain the same. These are the guidelines to achieve a basic, yet never boring look, which everyone can follow and showcase their particular fashion taste.


There is no exaggeration to say that T-shirts are the cornerstone of most trendy styles, especially school fashion. Less is more – even a blank T-shirt can also help your outfit pop if we know the secret. Therefore, don’t feel contempt for someone’s wardrobe that is full of basic tees instead of graphic or bright patterned variations. You’d be amazed at what a white tee shirt can do when being put in the right combination. 

However, be careful with a full-package T-shirt box sold for only $10. Tempting as it may appear, those tops are usually not sophisticated enough to make your outfit pop. In worst-case scenarios, they can be such poorly-made items that fit like a barrel, not to mention unreliable durability.

For the most part, always aim for T-shirts introduced by renowned makers to make the most of the price/quality ratio. Basic tees first, graphic tees second. Graphic prints can thrust your outfit into the spotlight with ease, but not for long. Instead, basic T-shirts, even long-sleeved or henley shirts, will be a better pick that prevents people from losing interest over time.

Pants & Trousers

When referring to back to school outfits for men, pants play an indispensable part. Of all choices, a pair of jeans or chinos draw the most favor from schoolboys due to their charm and versatility.

Pro tip: Never judge the book by its cover, and never judge the jeans by its external look. There may be barely any differences between $20 jeans and $200 jeans at first. Not until you wear them will you know why those numbers were printed on the price tags. It is easy to tell a pair of high-end jeans from a cheap one, depending on how well-fitting they are.

Normally, some black, blue, and washed jeans are all you need to survive a year without worrying about getting out-of-fashion.

What about chinos? They are like the final piece of the puzzle in case you’re looking for an alternative to jeans, or you just want to switch things up. Chinos are considered ideal for casual looks but incorporated with a vibe that’s different from jeans. 

Originating from the American military gears, chinos appear to be more elegant and classy than jeans thanks to their fitted nature and wide range of colors. Not too tight, not too loose or baggy, chinos and a tucked-in button shirt are a well-known duo that can create a streamlined aesthetic to complement your figure.


Just like T-shirts, the crucial factor when buying a pair of shoes lies in versatility and comfort, not the price tag. You’re not gonna stay in the lecture hall, but regularly walk from class to class and run errands. Hence, make sure your feet feel convenient all day long.

When it comes to the shoes that guarantee both a relaxed feel and stylish look for school boy outfits, Common Project sneakers are too much over the top. Instead, a pair of classic Vans should do a great job at just 1/10 of the price.

If you fancy a smart casual look with minimal details, why not think about Chelsea boots? Whether leather or suede, a nice Chelsea pair is sure to make your outfit impressive enough to stand out from the crowd. They also match perfectly with jeans to give a modern vibe without being too simple and monotonous.

How To Dress Nice For School Guys: 20 Ultimate Outfit Choices

1. Casual & Laid-back

Nobody would want to be under the pressure of, especially, preparing boy outfits for school. Keep that in mind and we have come up with the most straightforward plan for everyone: Stick to a casual and laid-back style.

No professional insights are needed here, just some basic and arbitrary ideas of a casual outfit for your daily routine. Minimal? Yes. Boring? No. The fall season is approaching, but that doesn’t mean we have to be drowning in jackets and sweaters. For many people, the simplicity of a white tee and jeans makes the best boy outfits for school. Of course, you can opt for a light jacket or hoodie to cover yourself from the chill in the air. 

casual style

Having a shirt tucked in to show a chic belt is a quick fix for someone who overuses this style. Also, ripped jeans and dark wash jeans are not a bad idea in case you want to lend more spices.

2. Minimalism

It is not necessary to juice up your school boy outfits with meticulous accessories. Still, less is more. Look no further than your staple shirts, chinos, light-washed jeans, and your classic pair of sneakers. Tailored trousers and suede Chelsea boots are some potential alternatives worth your attention.

Some can call it lazy, but one thing you should know is that it always looks and fits so fine without flaws. This style creates a clean silhouette and no excessive details. A neutral-toned blazer should be the last piece of the puzzle to enhance your overall aesthetic.

minimal style

The same thing goes for footwear. Don’t put too much effort into finding jazzy shoes. Instead, a pair of classic sneakers are just enough to make your outfit on point, like the Chuck Taylor 1970s or low-heel boots. 

3. Autumn Theme

Autumn is the season when it’s not getting too cold or too hot, so a single piece of outerwear clothes should live up to your expectation. No wonder why this is the favorite season of the year for a majority of people and students. 

There are a wide variety of fashion styles for everyone to try out: tailoring, smart casual, even semi-formal. However, making friends with sweaters is a good way to go, because they are still ranked among the most typical autumn dress code. 

autumn themed style

Or else, a knitted collar jacket illustrated with unique color patterns can enhance a modern aesthetic as well. Lastly, don’t be afraid to put on a high-quality pair of casual trainers whose color themes complement each other. When it comes to fit, feel, and versatility, these back to school outfits for men will pass with flying colors.

4. Layer Style

What if a single coat cannot protect you from the autumn chill, or just not enough to make your outfit pop? Don’t worry, layer style is coming to save you.

The rules remain the same as an autumn school boy outfit (because it’s supposed to be in cold weather). Then, add one more layer to your stylish and manly look by choosing a denim jacket or blazer as an excellent company. You can wear denim pants to go for an all-out rugged style or add a touch of balance and refinement with tailored chinos.

layer coat style

A light quilted vest is also a front-runner in the fall layering contest. Take warm and earthy colors like brown, olive green, or navy into account to achieve a balanced look. 

5. Pop With Elegance

The keys to accomplishing this style are simplicity, smooth materials, and neutral color tones. Don’t be tempted by some ripped jeans or rugged denim jackets. Try a light grey blazer and grey chinos/pants to create a clean and seamless silhouette. 

Keep in mind that you’re not attending a formal ceremony, so no need to go hard on your choice of footwear. Have trust in your casual sneakers instead of sleek boots, everything’s gonna look streamlined as you wish.

elegant style

6. Street Style

Street style is not too versatile, but it makes great school boy outfits and never gets out-of-fashion. If you grasp the fundamental steps of how to recreate the street style, get ready to steal the spotlight.  

It utilizes many factors from other fashion manners to become the chicest style. For instance, you can wear a dark-toned hoodie under a unique personalized denim jacket to draw the most attention to your eye-catching top layer. T-shirts or sweaters decorated with bold graphic logos can also be a shining example. They may not look striking at first sight but still enlighten up your whole outfit.

street style

7. Style With Beanies

No matter what you prefer to wear, a pair of basic jeans, printed tee, or hoodie, a beanie can do better than what we used to think about it. Combining a beanie with multi-layer outfits or street fashion is enough already to enhance an autumn-themed look.

beanie outfit

8. Swagger

The easiest way to adopt a swag style is learning from a fashion icon or someone who gets the gist and performs well at it. Hip-hop stars can be a potential inspiration to take, especially artists around the same age as you. Snapbacks, ripped jeans, baggy pants, hoodies (even sleeveless variations) are things to bear in mind if you are aiming for this look.

swagger style

9. Hipster Outfit

Hipster style is associated with uniqueness and comfort, while the former poses as the most distinctive “hipster” attribute. Hipsters like to show their individuality that’s separated from every other style, but still prefer a touch of vintage and rustic embellishment. 

There are no rules telling that only by following a certain way of dressing or buying clothes can you adopt the hipster style. However, skinny jeans, hoodies, plaid shirts, beanies, and scarves are hipster’s featured characteristics in case you need more references.   

hipster style

10. Nerdy Style

Who says nerdiness cannot be attractive? With a few tweaks, you can create a refreshed nerdy style to look chic and fashionable. 

First of all, get a check-patterned shirt (or sweater if it’s cold outside) and bold-black-frame glasses. That’s the very first and straightforward step to transform your high school boy outfits into a nerdy fashion concept. Next, find a cardigan, waistcoat, or a solid-color tie/bowknot to enrich your nerd element. 

nerdy boy

Last but not least, make sure that the size of all your clothing pieces fits your body well. Otherwise, there is every likelihood that you will become a 90s Dad fashion representative. Thank me later.

11. Classy Style

Dressing up as a classy guy doesn’t mean that your outfit comprises suits, tailored pants, sleek boots, and expensive accessories. Sure, tailored garments are good, but they are sometimes not affordable for most people. particularly students who only think of a simple outfit for school. 

classy outfits

Instead, why not make use of plaid chinos, blazers, classic belt, and glasses as an economical way to recreate the elegant look? A pair of Chelsea boots will not push your credit card payment over the top. They are truly cost-effective and can be worn on many occasions and seasons. 

Through our guide and recommendations, we hope that you are now able to brush up on your knowledge of boy outfits for school. Slowly and steadily, you will find yourself thrust into the limelight in no time.

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