Big Guy Fashion – Tips To Slay Every Look

Larger men understand how difficult it is to find outfits that suit their shape. Big guy fashion, on the other hand, does not have to be baggy or uninteresting.

For the chubby men, there are plenty of on-trend alternatives — you just need a little trick to rock your look. Here are tips on how to dress for chubby guy fashion that make you look and feel better.

Chubby guy fashion tips

Choose the best fit

Don’t try to mask your body with baggy, ill-fitting clothing; it will just add weight, call attention to your size, and make you seem sloppy. Excessively tight clothing, on the other hand, can highlight those troublesome problem areas. Rather, discover your ideal fit in fitted clothing that is light on your body and doesn’t cling to every curve. Under your tee or shirt, there should always be a little space in the torso – make sure you can stretch your arms freely without straining the buttons. Below the knee, the pants leave some space. They’re not ideal choices for you if you can’t sit down with them unless you allow them to cut into your waist or thighs.

Simple in colors is the style for big guys

Colors that are simple and solid are your fashion ally.

Solid neutrals are the big guy fashion buddy since bigger frames already attract attention. That doesn’t mean you have to wear just black all the time; dark colors like chocolate, olive, charcoal, and navy may all help you slim down. Solid colors of yellow, red, and pastel blue may also look wonderful on larger figures if worn in moderation.

Include some structure

A little smart layering may cover up a lot of flaws. Look for items that will frame your figure and offer structure without adding too much bulk. V-neck shirts pull the eye down rather than around. To add another vertical line, put on an open button shirt above. To enhance the form and hide a beer belly, wear a structured jacket or coat over top. A jacket with crisp or even slightly padded shoulders and lengthy lapels, on the other hand, can aid in square off your upper half.

Choose your textiles very carefully.

As a bigger man, choosing the right fabric may be a bit of a chore. Your body will be weighed down by materials that are overly thick or thin. If you want a fabric that will last for a long time and is easy to wash and care for then you should choose denim, thin knits and cotton. Light enough to add structure without adding bulk.

Key for big guy fashion


Get a custom-made suit created. Invest in a pair of pants with a low rise, a short hem, and cuffed legs. If possible, avoid double-breasted jackets. A single button is fantastic for establishing a focal point that simplifies the look.


If you want a stylish, slim look, opt for an oversized bomber or leather biker jacket. Open shirts over V-necks work well in hot weather. Winter is a perfect time to wear a big overcoat to show off your entire physique.


If you are looking for summer fashion for big guys, A v-neck t-shirt is the best shirt for big guys on hot days because of its thin neckline and vertical focal points. If you want a smarter look, a polo shirt is the best way to go.
Otherwise, Oxford cloth shirts, twill dress shirts, and flannels are also great casual fashion for big guys. Because their thick and sturdy fabric adds structure and avoids hugging every curve of your shape.


Wool or cashmere sweaters are the best friends of chubby guys. This is because They help to hide your belly. Let’s choose a v-neck model since its vertical line offers more structure for a slim-fit look. Knits and cardigans also are wardrobe essentials that mustn’t be overlooked. Dress casually in an overcoat or cardigan with a collared shirt will give an illusion of tailoring while still being casual.


If the summer weather calls, choose knee-length shorts instead of cargos with large pockets. It’s ideal to wear your pants, chinos, and jeans about your waist (belly button) to create a split in your torso. Wearing your trousers too low will make your stomach appear larger. For chubby guy fashion, tucked-in shirts look nicer, although they aren’t always essential for casual situations.


Suspenders are essential for keeping your pants from slipping underneath the belly.

A hat is another great item for big guy fashion. While you might not believe you need to wear a hat wherever you go, the appropriate hat may bring a touch of elegance, class, and charm to your ensemble. By the way, if you wear a hat, you’re not simply wearing clothing; you’re wearing an ensemble. Men’s hats, on the other hand, are similar to women’s hairstyles.
What’s more, lapel pins and ties are all great ways to add more color, texture, and pattern to your outfit.

Final thought

Big guys, your shape doesn’t matter! Nothing can stop chubby guys dressing up as a star! Practice our guide above and you can absolutely slay every look!

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