Best Men’s Shirts To Hide Belly – An Ultimate Guide To Look Great

A beer belly affects your style a lot. You can’t easily choose a shirt to wear that makes you feel comfortable while hiding your fat tummy. It is also hard for you to rock a trend when you are not confident about what you’re wearing. So in this article, I will show you some of the best men’s shirts to hide belly. Besides, some tips on choosing colors and patterns are included to help you easily opt for models that you like. 

Thin V-neck shirts

V-neck clothes are considered one of the best shirts for men with big bellies. Even if it is a V-neck shirt or sweater, V-cut can draw other attention to the upper part of your torso, making you look higher than your actual height. What’s more, it can slim down your figure or frame. 

In terms of fabrics, opt for thin knit cotton or any other silk fabric blends. These materials are the safest choice because they can create the illusion of your beer belly. Besides, wool types such as cashmere or merino are great for hiding a big tummy. Whatever it takes, avoid all fabrics of thick knits because they only make you look bigger. 

You also should select V-necks that hug your shoulders, chest, and arms. As for length, models that stay a bit higher on your waist or hips are highly recommended because they make you look higher and slimmer.

Black shirts

You can’t go wrong with black beer belly shirts. Black is seen as the best color to slim down your weight. Whatever it is a V-neck or round-neck shirt, as long as it is dark colors, like black, this will become of of the best men’s shirts to hide belly.

As for fabrics, thin knits are always the best one because thicker materials only increase more bulk to your torso. Another note is picking the shirt that snugly fits your body. Don’t opt for models that are too tight. It will not make you look smaller but only shows your fat belly.

Slim-fitting dress shirt

Actually, these kinds of shirts are a bit difficult to wear. However, once you dress it in the right way, it absolutely improves your big frame. If possible, consult with your tailor for the size and color to find suitable shirts that hide belly. 

Like the two previous types of shirts, this model will work when you choose the one that perfectly suits your shoulders, arms, chest, and waist. This way, you will look slimmer right away. 

Some men try to hide their fat bellies by wearing too loose shirts. They think that those shirts can make them look thinner, but they aren’t. Some even dress too tight shirts that the buttons snag and even reveal their big tummy. Always go with models that are neither too tight nor too loose. A really helpful tip for you is tucking the shirt in, and you will never experience it blousing out.

Long t-shirts

The biggest issue of a fat tummy is probably that it draws all other people’s attention to your waist. And most men think that long t-shirts can’t help in this situation. But, it is not always the case. A slightly long shirt is one among lots of great belly shirts for guys that enables you to hide your big waist.

Just make sure it is not too long; otherwise, it will create an opposite effect. You can pair this shirt with slimming pants or even dress a hoodie over the shirt to have a layering style, which can produce an illusion of your upper body part. 


Patterns also play an important role in deciding how a guy with a fat belly will look in a shirt. There are two things you should notice, including prints and stripes. As for prints, you can go with any kind, as long as they are small. But make sure they are not too small or tiny. A huge tip here is choosing patterns that are placed widely apart so that you will look more slender. 

Stripes can make the best men’s shirts to hide belly if you feel a little bit confused. But you can follow this guide to find a suitable style. Firstly, remove diagonal and horizontal stripes in your list. Vertical stripes are the idealist choice when they are spaced not further apart. Dark-colored, pinstripe dress shirts are certainly a smart choice. 

Those are several best shirts to hide a tummy. In fact, you can choose other models, but the best one should be the one that snugly fits your body, arms, shoulders, and chest. Make sure it is neither too tight nor too loose so that you will not face the risk of the buttons snagging. You can go with a shirt that is a bit longer than your waist but avoid a too short one at any cost. Additionally, models with dark colors, small prints, and vertical stripes can make you look more slender. 

Do you like this article? If you are still interested in how to choose clothes to look fit, you can read the post about how to wear skinny jeans for bigger guys.

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