Best Casual Friday Outfits Ideas

Casual Friday is something popular among office employees, which all are waiting for it. It’s the final day of the working week, which means the long-awaited weekend leisure can begin.

The ability to dress down and be relaxed is what most people think of when they think of casual Fridays. It effectively turns Friday into something like a vacation, allowing your coworkers to enjoy, strengthen personal relationships, and boost morale without spending a dime. However, for many businesses, it represents a chance to do much more.

Do you have any idea for casual Friday outfits? Keep reading to check out what to wear on casual Friday.

What Is Casual Friday?

Casual Friday or dress down Friday evolved from Hawaii’s Aloha Friday tradition, which steadily moved east to California. And then it spread throughout the world till the 1990s when it was named Casual Friday.

Casual Friday or dress down Friday is a company policy that enables employees to dress more casually on Fridays than other days. It evolved from Hawaii’s Aloha Friday tradition, which steadily moved east to California. And, then it spread throughout the world till the 1990s when it was named Casual Friday. 

On casual Fridays, people can throw on both formal clothes to informal ones such as jeans or sneakers. This policy is often seen in companies that require formal dress codes. Many businesses consider this a simple benefit provided to their employees.

What Are The Best Casual Friday Outfits For Men And Women?

Whether you work in a large corporation or a small company, we’ve compiled a list of our best casual Friday looks to assist you to handle the strictest workplace dress rules.

What To Wear On Friday For Men?

Casual Fridays Tops

Long-sleeved shirt

A collar long-sleeved shirt is always a fashionable option for men to wear to work. Consider a simple pattern shirt or a checkered one in your favorite colors. Don’t be hesitant to roll up the long sleeves for a more casual Friday look at work. A linen shirt could be a wonderful pick for summer that combines a more cool style with a clean appearance.

Polo shirt

A polo shirt is a more casual alternative than a collared shirt for dress down Friday. It looks great when combined with casual Friday pants like jeans, and it can be simply layered with a blazer or a sport coat.

Because a golf polo shirt is a somewhat less formal alternative than a long-sleeved shirt, check the dress code to see whether you can wear it for casual Friday work outfits or not. This is because some companies don’t consider polo shirts to be eligible to wear to work. But if there are no problems, here is where you could find a collection of golf shirts for men. Pick one and head to work!

Blazers or sports jackets

Do you have a conference this week on Friday? Putting on a fitted jacket made of a fabric that resembles a business suit is a great idea. For the comfy feeling on the whole day, try on a sport coat or blazer made of linen and wool combination.

When it comes to casual Friday jackets, the tip is to pick a color or texture that contrasts with your bottoms. 

Casual Fridays Pants


Invest in a pair of chinos that are tailored to your exact measurements. You should choose a pair of chinos that are comfy and can help to boost your confidence. Once you’ve chosen the right one, we recommend getting the two most classic but versatile colors which are sand and navy.


While Chinos are one of the favorite choices for casual Friday outfits, jeans are also acceptable in some offices. Jeans come in a variety of colors. Darker shades such as black, indigo, or grey, are somewhat more formal than lighter ones.

Pair your jeans with a complementary-colored shirt to make them seem even better. Avoid wearing your jeans with a t-shirt or sweatshirt, since this look may be too informal for the office. Say no to ripped jeans and faded ones as well.

Casual Fridays shoes

The best choices for dress down Friday are casual leather shoes like chukkas, wingtips, or loafers.

What To Wear On Casual Friday For Women?

Casual Fridays Tops

Long-sleeve shirt

Like men, women can put on a casual button-up shirt on casual Friday. Pairing it with a pair of skinny jeans for a more fashionable but not too casual look. 

Plain Color T-Shirt

Even on casual Fridays, a tee might be far too casual for work. You must be careful when making your decision. Wearing a shirt with sayings or a slogan is not a good idea. Wear a t-shirt in a solid color with a thick fabric instead. Because a t-shirt is still regarded as too casual for work, pairing it with a pencil skirt will make others think you have made lots of effort to look professional and attractive, even on a dress down Friday.


If you look for cute Friday outfits, a blouse is a good way to go. Choose a blouse that is well-cut, basic, and comfy.

Blazer or cardigan

Blazer and cardigan are pieces that are not versatile but also offer super stylish casual Friday looks. Layering up your look with these on casual Fridays can make you appear way more classy. 

Casual Fridays Bottoms 


A great choice for not only men but women is a pair of jeans. To women, searching for skinny jeans in dark or light colors depends on the hue of the top. Anyway, ripped jeans are still not a wise option for girls to wear to work as well so check your policy for dress code before choosing ripped jeans.

Pleated Maxi skirt

A pleated maxi skirt makes a safe look for a business casual look that can match with various tops. 

Pencil skirt

If the top you choose is somewhat less formal, pair it properly with a pencil skirt. This combo will definitely upgrade your informal look to a more professional and smarter one.


The best comfy items for summer working days are culottes. You can combine them with a blouse for a more formal look yet stylish. 

Casual Fridays shoes

It’s fine to wear ballet flats, heels, boots, and sandals with cut-outs on dress down Fridays.

Do And Don’t While Choosing Casual Friday Outfits


  • Dark-colored bottoms are always acceptable for both men and women 
  • Choose the fitted shirts for your body
  • Flats and closed-toes shoes are great
  • Wear modest jewelry that compliments your ensemble.


  • Too tight or too loose clothes are inappropriate
  • Wearing leggings or skin-tight trousers with a short top is never acceptable for business wear.
  • Say no to thin or transparent fabric apparel 
  • No flip-flops for sure

Final Thought

Does your company have a dress down Fridays policy? You have any doubts about what to wear on casual Fridays? If that’s the case, hopefully, this article can help you find out the best casual Friday work outfits for yourself.

Don’t forget to check your policy for dress code on casual Fridays before style your look.

Do you want to learn more about mix&match, you can refer to our post about What to wear to a music festival for guys.

If you have more interesting ideas about casual Friday looks, please share them with us in the comment box below!

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