80s Party Decorations: Iconic Tips And Ideas

80s party decorations

Are you a retro enthusiast who wishes to throw a memorable themed party on a special occasion? Then, don’t miss out on these 80s party decorations ideas and inspos!

No matter if you grew up in the 80s, or are a millennial who fell in love with the ‘crazy and wild’ styles of the decade, you can throw an awesome celebration without much effort. There are just a few things to remember in order to recreate the true 80s vibe for your party.

Without further ado, these are some of the best ideas for 80s themed party decorations. We at Vintagemamascottage hope that you’ll enjoy these suggestions and can truly rock the night.

What Are The Most Iconic Things About The 80s?

To help you get the best idea of what a party would feel like in the 80s, let’s answer these questions: What was most popular back in the days? What do we first think about when people mention this decade?

Nothing can define the 80s better than its pop culture. The music, fashion and movies, all played a big part in forming the signature lifestyle and history of the period.

We saw the rise of legendary pop stars with songs that are still influential even to this day. Michael Jackson with ‘Billie Jeans’, Madonna with ‘Like a virgin’, Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ and Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’. These would be amazing additions to your 80s party’s music playlist.

80s party decorations

The 80s also saw the boom of cinematic classics. The Star Wars series was no doubt the biggest hit of all. In addition, franchises like E.T the Extraterrestrial, Ghostbusters or Back to the future are also what people remember the most about the 80s.

On the topic of fashion, the 80s was most remembered for its bright neon colors and big, dramatic hairstyles. Large printed brand names on apparel were also a big hit.

In general, there are many iconic ideas to incorporate to your party. These are only some of the suggestions, but you can surely add more based on your preference.

How To Prepare For An 80s Party

To give your party the best 80s vibe, start with choosing the overall topic you prefer. Do you wish to throw a regular retro party, or want to include pop culture touches as well? You can always add 80s movies or video games characters to the decorations, too.

These are few of the best 80s pop culture party themes you can choose from:

  • Pacman: A classic game that fits so well with the neon vibe of the 80s
  • Back to the future: Throw the coolest party in your vintage leather jackets and shades
  • Ghostbusters: Another must-try theme that is perfect for an 80s Halloween party
  • Disco dance floor: One of my most favorite themes! Imagine all the awesome outfits you can rock.

Next, think of the color combination you want for the party. You can definitely go for a single color, but how about a more colorful theme such as disco?

You can design your own invitations to match with the 80s theme. Prepare a photo booth for your guests to take pictures with.

Get all those iconic 80s snacks as well! Pop rocks and Fun dips would definitely be a big hit.

80s party decorations

Last but not least, entertainments for the party is also important. There are plenty of 80s games for everyone to take part in and have fun, such as Charades or Twisters.

80s Party Decorations

Let’s check out some 80s themed decorating ideas and items:

The 80s was surely the time of great music culture – you can’t go wrong with a disco ball and dance floor decors.

Add some boomboxes and colorful cassettes to be transcended back in time. You can even prepare your own 80s music mixtapes as gifts for the participants.

80s party decorations

Rubik was a huge thing back in the days! Any Rubik themed item would make great 80s party decorations.

Need some eye-catching 80’s themed centerpieces? How about a combination of everything that mattered to people who grew up in the 80s?

Why not include your beloved retro video game characters to the décor? They’ll surely liven up the party.

80s party decorations

How To Dress Up To An 80s Themed Party

Finally, to truly live in the mood of the party, you can include dress code for your guests. If they don’t already have a clear idea of what they should wear, give them these tips:

  • Go big with the hairstyles: Curls, waves or anything that enhances the volume of your hair!
  • Headbands and bandanas were also staple accessories. Or tie your hair up with a colorful scrunchie.
  • Turtlenecks are must-haves for any 80s party outfits
  • Or choose shirts with large, puffy shoulders to really stand out
  • A colorful tracksuit will also let you relive the 80s days
  • For pants, you can choose from distressed jeans to patterned legging and still stay true to the 80s vibe
  • Denim jackets are called timeless items because they’re super retro yet still so fashionable today
  • Don’t forget to rock a pair of Nike Air Jordan or ‘jellies’ sandals to look like the trendiest 80s teen

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