11 Long Skirt Outfits Ideas To Wear All Year Round

Among the different trendy fashion styles this year, the long skirts and shirts combo is one you should keep an eye on! There are so many ways to choose the tops for long skirt outfits that you’ll never run out of ideas.

While it’s easy to assume they’re only for taller women, maxi may really be one of the most attractive pieces on shorter women since they help extend the shape and make them appear taller.

So, how to style long skirts smartly? All are included in this writing. Keep reading to check it out!

What kind of tops to wear with long skirts?


How to wear long skirts casually? What you need is just a t-shirt.

Everyone owns a t-shirt, which you can pair with a maxi skirt for a simple yet elegant style. Any kind of t-shirt from a graphic tee or a plain one works well with a long skirt. Plus, A tee is also versatile for mixing with any accessories.

Especially, let’s pick a white t-shirt that can mix with any color of your skirt. Whether you are trying for a formal or casual appearance, it will meet all your requirements. 

Tank Top

A maxi skirt looks great with a basic tank top. Tank tops are basic shirts that go with almost everything. Because of their design, they function well in hot summer weather and look excellent with maxi skirts. Maxi skirt with tank top combo makes you stand out in the best possible way. When it’s a little cooler outside, tanks can be worn beneath outerwear.


Whatever fabric or design your maxi skirts are made of, a blouse will look great with it.

A blouse is one of the clothes that make you look ladylike. They’re not only perfect for the office, but they are also fantastic for a casual look. Because both blouses and maxi skirts are soft and flowing, they are also easy to put together.

Off-shoulder top

A maxi skirt looks fantastic with an off-shoulder shirt.

This is because a maxi skirt completely covers you from the waist down. The top, on the other hand, helps you to show your shoulders and clavicles. 

Embellishing with a neckline for these long skirt outfits will make you look more appealing and attractive.


If you wonder how to wear skirts casually in winter? A combination of a maxi skirt and a sweater is a way to go. A sweater is a great item to wear if you’re just going to stay home on a cold winter day. But that doesn’t mean you cannot wear it in hangouts. Pairing it with a long skirt will make you look classier and dressier.


Matching with a crop top is one of the best ways to wear a maxi skirt. The contract lengths between these two items will help you show off your great body proportions as well as make you look much taller. 

To learn more about how to pair crop-tops with maxi dress, click here.

Matching tops for long skirts

Why don’t you wear the perfect matching set of your maxi skirt and its matching top? It’s a style that can effortlessly transition from a brunch with friends to a formal occasion. It’s a sophisticated ensemble that flatters a variety of ladies and will instill confidence in you.

Denim jacket

A denim jacket is one of the greatest things to pair with a maxi skirt.

Denim jackets are durable, comfy, and never become old-fashioned. They are appropriate for every season of the year and flatter a wide range of ladies, no matter how their bodies look. 

Denim jackets are easy to mix so you’ll never have to think the second time what to pair them with.

Even though blue and black are common colors you see in a denim jacket, you don’t have to stick to them. Denim jackets also come in a variety of hues, including white and others. And all can match with a maxi dress, just consider the color mixing beforehand.

Leather jacket

A leather jacket is an excellent pair of long skirt outfits. This combo will give a girly vibe while wearing.

A leather jacket is both a traditional and modern wardrobe. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and are suitable for both feminine or casual looks. They are also made in a variety of lengths, and a cropped leather jacket looks great with a long skirt.

A leather jacket will be one of the great tops for long skirts which will make a perfect transition when cold seasons come!


Another tip on how to style long skirts is to pair them with A cardigans

A cardigan, like a sweater, is an ideal outfit for cool days that will keep you warm. In the spring, lighter cardigans may be worn all the way through the summer.

With the maxi skirt, you might wear a long cardigan. Put on a shorter shirt underneath and tuck it inside your maxi skirt to look much dressier.

Wooden coat

A wooden coat is a great piece to wear in the winter months with long skirts. Whether they are long or short, you can still easily obtain a classy style while putting it on. It also contributes to the best long skirt outfits for businesswomen.

Final thought

Hopefully, after reading this, you can find your favorite look with maxi skirts. Which one is your pick? Don’t hesitate to comment down below to let us know.

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